Spine and Sport Chiropractic

Welcome! At Spine and Sport Chiropractic, you and your health concerns are treated with skillful care and genuine compassion. The goal is to make your treatment experience an interactive and enjoyable one.

  • Individualized treatment. Your treatment will be tailored to your specific condition, goals for recovery, and unique health history. The length and frequency of your treatment will depend on your goals and response to care and will not be a predetermined, universal plan.
  • Variety of Services. Various chiropractic adjusting techniques can be used depending on your condition and preference, including gentle options. These techniques include manual adjustments, Drop­-piece or Thompson, and Activator. Also, a number of adjunctive therapies may be used to speed healing and decrease pain, including kinesiology taping and the instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy known as Graston Technique (see FAQ page or visit www.grastontechnique.com for more information). Nutritional supplements and medical or exercise equipment may also be available.
  • Payment Options. Most insurance plans are accepted at this time. A discounted cash payment option is also available. Check, credit card, or cash may be used for payment.
  • All are welcome! Patients of all ages are welcome. If your condition does not respond satisfactorily to our treatment or is not appropriate for chiropractic care, we will refer you to another provider who can further assist you.